SONG REVIEW: Lee Rogers Strips Down!

Review of: This Life
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Lee Rogers

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On May 14, 2012
Last modified:July 25, 2013


"Rogers has invited you to sit next to him in the studio..."

Are you expecting naked pictures? Sorry, I meant stripped down in terms of production on Lee Rogers latest album Citizen:General.

After getting a review copy of the album I had a brief chat with Rogers about his production vision, he stated…”The record is recorded completely on analogue gear this time, turning back the clock. We get so used to hearing the super clean, clinical ProTools records! [The vocals] have a warm valve sound as opposed to over the top verbs. I wanted to ditch a load of bottom end on them, making the whole thing a little retro. I suppose I recorded the record I wanted really, because until a few people heard it and went “Wow”, I was keeping it for me.

The song that gave me the biggest “Wow” was “This Life” about a drunk in a New Orleans bar who falls for a hooker.  This song stood out to me as having the most soul, and brought Ray LaMontagne to mind as a reference along with the others I mentioned in my past review of Lee Rogers song “Easier” from his 2006 album Drawing Clocks.  Again the musicianship is super classy, creating a rich texture with the rhythm section and subtle highlights with the keys and backing vocals.

Produced by rising star Gareth Dunlop and Rogers himself, it feels like they have invited you to sit next to them in the studio in the way Citizen:General was recorded.  Take a listen and read more about it at Lee’s Website.

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2 Responses to SONG REVIEW: Lee Rogers Strips Down!

  1. Sam July 8, 2012 at 11:57 am #

    Seen Lee perform a few times and i keep thinking to myself why are we so fortunate to hear such a great singer/songwriter in our little town of Belfast. Great music Great lyrics and a great venue at the john hewitt if you don’t see him you are missing something special. Good Luck Lee.

    • David Werba August 5, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

      Well said, and i’ve only seen Lee on video. Hoping he passes thru Arizona some day to see the man live.

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