Power Lead System Review: Rare Bird Flies High

Review of: Power Lead System
Product by:
Neil Guess and Michael Price
$30 Entry Level

Reviewed by:
On October 10, 2013
Last modified:June 2, 2015


This program is no longer used/supported (6/2/15)

Power Lead System (PLS)

The much anticipated Power Lead System finally launched to rave reviews in October 2013. Jam-packed with training and tools to build your online business, PLS has all the ingredients to become a major player in the Lead Generation and Lead Management industry for years to come. Let’s take a look at some of the main features:

  • Pre-built lead capture pages, and templates to build your own
  • Embedded opt-in forms with self-hosted auto-responders
  • Virtual E-cards, postcards, and recorded voice messages
  • Email campaign manager with statistics and forwarding options
  • Articles, banners, press releases, and video submission engines
  • Self-hosted domain transfer with unlimited subdomains to rotate capture pages
  • Training videos throughout, and so much more…

Power Lead System Business Opportunity

Power Lead System Matching BonusPLS is also an Affiliate Network marketing company with one of the most powerful compensation plans I’ve ever seen. It’s an extremely rare bird too, because you will find yourself using 90% of the membership tools to build your online business, offline business, or anything else you want to promote. Most network marketing companies online have products you don’t even use or need, leaving the affiliates to try and promote it as some type of MLM.

Traditional 100% Compensation Plans

Since 2011, 100% compensation plans have been growing in popularity. The model encourages growth and support of your affiliate network, which helps to sustain your monthly affiliate income. Most companies that use this model include “pass-ups” inside the network, which means you have to pass up some of your affiliates to your sponsor.  Some people struggle with the psychology of “losing” an affiliate, but the bottom line is the model works quite well. Power Lead System takes the model to a whole new level…

Power Lead System Compensation Plan (Accelerated Leverage)

Power Lead System compensation reviewAdding a new twist to the 100% Compensation Plan model, PLS pays you commission on every single pass-up! You earn a 50% Matching Bonus on the entire pay line of everyone you pass up. This is not just their sales, it’s the total pay line! So for example, if you pass up somebody who is earning $2500 per month, you will receive a $1250 residual check…and this is ALL in addition to the WEEKLY commission you earn from your direct affiliates.


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