Out of work sign twirler copyrights the phrase “Web 13.0″, wants to get paid…now!

Jed Augzkawk, a semi-retired sign twirler who was raised on the streets of Warsaw, Poland, has just been granted the copyright for the phrase “Web 13.0“. “I’ve been blessed with a beautiful epiphany, and it’s time to get paid for it”, is the phrase Jed has been most often yelling in public lately.

Now 54 years old and living in a strict vegan commune just outside of Pueblo, CO, Jed is ready to settle down. “I’ve been living on the road twirling signs since 1977, way before it became the exciting career choice it is today. After 33 years of this, I’m ready to hang up my knickers, find a wife and maybe have some kids…but I assure you I will not push them to follow their dad’s path and become a twirler. It is funny though watching these young teen hotshots on YouTube showing off their “amazing new moves”, man I was doing that acrobatic stuff over 20 years ago”.

Jed, who insists on being addressed as ‘Nostradamnit’, has recently been quoted in a local Pueblo newspaper saying “I’m sure most people feel I should sit on my new phrase for a while, wait until web technology catches up to it, and then sell it for millions…but that’s just a big pile of ox dung. I’d much rather take a few hundred grand from one of these Google peons now, retire early, maybe get a nice ranch somewhere and start to impart my wisdom on my new family”.

Pioneer or semi-retarded, only time will tell for Nostradamnit


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