EverTune makes some bold statements: Keep your guitar in tune…forever!

Forever? Really? Well that remains to be seen, but the enterprising folks at EverTune are clearly on to something. I’ve been following CES 2010 online like a hawk, and it was refreshing to see some music tech thrown in amongst the cavalcade of cameras, netbooks, smartphones, and HDTV’s. EverTune is a physical bridge that is either pre-built into a new guitar or added to an old one. The ad copy on ET’s website seems to take a direct attack on Gibson’s Robot Guitar and the auto-tuning niche market, but as ET states on the website:

“Evertune is unique. Auto Tuning systems re-tune guitars when they are activated by the player, but guitars with auto tuners go out of tune during play, like any other guitar. We keep the guitar always in tune.”

Hey ladies, you may no longer need to duck your head down in the crowd while your boyfriend continues to obnoxiously tune his guitar at full volume between songs at his live gigs! Be gentle with him though, I suggest slipping an anonymous note with EverTune’s web address into his guitar case when nobody’s looking.


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