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Reni Lane, driving a “Runaway Train” into Pop stardom

How does an Oregon-born, Virginia transplanted high school band-geek turn into a budding young Pop-Rock star virtually overnight?  Well, you could move to New York at age 18 and enroll at Columbia College.  Then you could start playing your songs every week at ‘The Sidewalk Cafe’ while developing your craft with other seasoned songwriters like […]

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Tiger Woods shoots 58, immediately announces TW branded Viagra for young adults

We live in a world where it’s commonplace for iconic athletes to cheat on their wives, and Tiger Woods recently ‘extended’ himself into this fraternity of the rich and ruthless. I’m still trying to figure out, though, which behavior is worse…the actions of Tiger, or the cannibalization by the Media. Anyway, Tiger was the first […]

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