Case-Mate just giving us a “half-hug”?

Case-Mate has been making protective cases for iPhones, Blackberries, and laptops since 2005. At CES 2010 in early January, they revealed their new product line…and the wire-hating dreamers are salivating. It’s called the Case-Mate ‘Hug’, and it includes a wireless charging pad along the same lines as Palm’s Touchstone…and even closer following the lead of Powermat’s product line. The Hug looks to soon be retailing for $89.99 and you can read some more info and watch a short sales video at their website. The Hug is based on the Wireless Power Consortium (Qi) standard. This means that your Hug charging pad will always be compatible with new devices supporting the standard. Laptop charging pads in airports and smartphone charging pads in new cars are now being designed to follow this same wireless standard…and this is very exciting to see.

All of the mighty tech blogs have reported on the Hug, but none have commented on the obvious oversight. The case is clearly designed to never have to be removed. The whole idea is that it’s a protective case, and when you need some juice you simply drop it on the charging pad. Now look closely at the bottom of the Hug case. Where is the opening for us to connect a cable to sync with iTunes for our new songs/apps? Where is the alternative micro USB input for an iTunes sync as Mophie has added on the bottom of their ‘Juice Pack Air’ battery/case?

Is there any smartphone case built today that forces you to completely remove it just to get a simple sync/charge for software updates, new music, and new applications? I don’t believe there is! I’m really hoping the current Hug pictures are just revealing a prototype design because I want a full Hug, not a half-hug! Hey Case-Mate, we humans are a needy species. We want long, warm, comforting hugs. We’re waiting with open arms…and 90 bucks in our back pocket.

UPDATE: As of May 2010, the Case-Mate ‘Hug’ has been discontinued…never even sold publicly!


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