Astro Gaming’s A30 Headphones: Strength in versatility

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On April 10, 2010
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"The included cables are a godsend, a refreshing change..."

Astro Gaming is widely known for creating excellent gaming headphones and mix amps for PS3, Xbox, etc. Their new A30 headphones are no exception, but I’d like to talk about everything else they can do.

After I received my review unit in the mail from their friendly staff, I was initially impressed by the slick packaging. But of course I had to immediately try them on and see how they felt. Until they come out with a pair of headphones that massage your neck while you listen, the A30′s are as comfortable as it gets. You can honestly forget you’re wearing them sometimes.

While the A30′s are not marketed as audiophile music headphones, they still sound very nice…I’d say about up to par to the Sennheiser HD 400 series. They carry ample bass and perform well through all music genres. I also used them with my Yamaha electric piano and Roland electronic drum kit, and what a surprise…they worked great there too!

I work with Skype on my PC all day, and we even record our Music Forte podcasts through Skype…and the A30′s are the only headset I’m using right now. There is an in-line microphone near the cans AND a detachable boom mic for extra noise cancellation when you need your voice to sound clearer. As a PC headset they perform way better than a set like Logitech’s Clear Chat Pro’s which sell for around $50.

The included cables are a godsend…a refreshing change from the all-too-often incompatibilities with so many other headphones. The PC cable has separate headphone/mic jacks and a volume scroll wheel (yeah!). There is a short and long mobile/music cable, both with 3.5mm jacks, and one has a multi-function button for taking calls and skipping/pausing music. I would love to have a volume control button on the mobile/music cables, but part of me is glad it’s not there…because if it was I may leave my job and start selling these out of my trunk for a living.

So if you’re in the market for a top notch gaming headset, a PC headset for Skype calls, some portable headphones for music/calls on the go, or even a nice comfy set for music and podcasts at home….and you have $150 budget for all of that, then there is simply no better option than Astro Gaming’s A30′s. It’s their strength in versatility that give them such a high score.

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